Kushwa: A Children’s Bible Club story

'...A little child will lead them'

You would call it a slum - Kushwa calls it home.

Not just any slum: even locals avoid this squatter community, where hordes from neighboring states have migrated in search of work.

Most wind up as scavengers. Some find work as day-laborers. A few - like Kushwa's father - are lucky enough to be employed as drivers.

Kushwa is an eighth-grader. She lives with her little sister Lucy and their mother; dad's driving job means he's usually not home. He has no choice, but this is not a safe place to leave your wife and daughters.

The slum-dweller culture has been described as "barbarous" and "uncivilized." Many men live in a continuous stupor of alcohol. Money gets squandered on gambling instead of feeding little ones' hungry mouths.

And faith? It's mostly the old ancestral rituals of idol worship. People offer animal sacrifices to their 'village goddesses' in hopes of being protected from disease and evil. Whenever there's trouble - and there's often trouble - riots break out.

But into this difficult and dangerous place came ... God's love.

A local Mission India partner was able to bring in our Children's Bible Club for the children of the slum.

Kushwa was awestruck by the experience: children her own age, singing happily! Engaged in fun activities! There were amazing Bible stories to listen to.

And then ... a form of worship she had never experienced before: prayers to God, instead of idol worship. A Heavenly Father who sacrificed His own Son - for her.

The club leader gave her a picture book about the life of Jesus, and Kushwa consumed it. Her doubts evaporated, and she joyfully accepted Christ as her personal Savior.

At home, Kushwa led her illiterate mother through the pictures in the book, and explained the Gospel. Soon little Lucy was reading the book too.

Today, all three have been baptized; they're vibrant Christians.

Dad doesn't like it - but the girls are praying for him. Let's join them!