Why India?

Did you know...?

India is home to over 358 million kids under 15. This map shows you the world's countries based on the number of children 14 and younger. Look at India!

India's children need the Gospel's message of hope:

  • Child marriage is common
  • Many children must work to support their families
  • 35% of school-aged children are not enrolled in school
  • Children born into the lowest rungs of India's caste system are taught that they are less than human
  • Illiteracy is passed down from generation to generation
  • Girls are considered a burden because families must pay a huge marriage dowry

Kids are one of the most responsive audiences to the Gospel!

And when kids hear about Jesus, and receive Him as their Savior, they can't wait to tell the Good News to their friends and family!

India is also one of the world's most unreached nations. There are over 1 billion people in India who don't follow Jesus. Over 800 million practice Hinduism and there are 138+ million Muslims. Just 2 percent of Indians are Christian.

In fact, studies show that 85 percent of Hindus and Muslims in this region of the world don't know a single Christian.

So who is going to tell them about Jesus?

Western missionaries introduced the Gospel in India, and the seeds they planted are visible across India.

Today, the most effective way to Transform India for Christ is by empowering India's own believers.

Mission India works alongside ministry partners in 30+ Indian states and union territories.

We provide local believers with the training and materials they need to effectively share the Good News and plant churches in communities. They already know the languages and the local customs. And they are already in the field, eager to serve the Lord in ministry.

Children's Bible Clubs are a valuable tool for introducing the Gospel in a community where traditional evangelism might not be welcome.