Let's Get Started!

Get even more out of your My Passport to India experience when you register today and request your free Welcome Kit. Each kit includes a special passport and suitcase to use throughout your India journey!

Pack your Suitcase...

Your free Welcome Kit* includes a suitcase that you can pack full of coins and dollars along your journey. Each $1 you save will help another child attend a Children's Bible Club.

  • $40 will send 40 kids to a Bible Club in India!

At the end of My Passport to India, you can add up your coins and dollars and make a gift in that amount online or by check. You can give at any time during the program, as often as you like!

Grab your Passport...

In your Welcome Kit, you will also find a passport to guide you on your journey. Have it handy as you watch each new online episode!

  • One passport enclosed for each child
  • Follow along during the journey and enhance your learning experience
  • Features related Bible memory verses
  • Have fun filling your passport with stickers to mark your progress!

...And Come Along!

*Welcome Kits will be shipped to U.S. mailing addresses only.