What Others are Saying

Thousands of families have already taken the journey! Check out what people are saying about their experience with My Passport to India...

Lori in Pennsylvania

"I want to thank you for the wonderful Passport to India videos. My son loves watching them over and over again...I explained to him that many people in India don't know God. He told me that we needed to stop and pray that the people in India know God. And I watched, with tears in my eyes, as my 4-year-old folded his hands and prayed to God that the people of India would come to know Him. I want to thank you for helping me plant these wonderful seeds in my children."

Jennifer in Michigan

"Once again you have opened my children's eyes and hearts to the deep need of others.

I am so thankful for the extra benefit of the videos. My children look forward to them and can't wait to see what Chris and Justin will be doing that day! My four-year-old daughter [pictured at right] asks to watch them over and over and over!

What is even more important is that these videos are bringing life in India to the forefront. My children are seeing destitution, sadness, pain, lost souls, and fear. They are seeing children their ages being bold for Jesus Christ. What an awesome testimony of the love and power of our Savior. It is opening their hearts and minds. And in the process helping them to desire to find ways to give MORE!"

Marie in Florida

"I just wanted to share how thankful I am for this program. I appreciate how easy you have made it for me to teach my children about missions and other countries. I love the links with devotional information and children's stories. I am so glad I signed up for this. It is already a very enriching experience for my entire family and we just started. I almost couldn't finish today's video because I was crying. The videos have given my children the first hand experience I couldn't have provided for them on my own."

Shana in Wisconsin

My daughters did many extra chores and took on a project in order to raise money for this cause. My 7 year old daughter made and sold checkbook covers to friends and family. She gave all proceeds to [Mission India] and elicited a few random donations as well! This has been an inspirational learning opportunity for the whole family. Thank you for the chance to bless others and for lessons my children will never forget.

Misty in Michigan

My girls [Rachael (11), Rebecca (8), Sarah (6), pictured at right with mom Misty and Paityn (1)] filled the suitcase all by themselves, doing extra chores for their grandparents and even giving money from the tooth fairy. We learned a lot about India and had fun!

Christy in Florida

Thank you for sharing about India with our family. We enjoyed going on the trip with Chris and were challenged to be thankful for our overly blessed lives and continue to pray for people in India. Thank you for your excellent job in presenting this.