About Mission India

Our Vision
Making Disciples to Transform India for Christ.

Our Mission
To assist Indian churches and indigenous mission agencies in planting
reproducing churches in a systematic and measurable way.

Mission India works exclusively in India.

India's 1.2 billion people represent one of the most responsive audiences to the Gospel in recent history. And as India's people embrace new life in Jesus, they are eager to join with us in obeying God's call to "go and make disciples."

Mission India, together with our ministry partners, is radiating the love of Christ to India's invisible and too-often ignored.

Mission India is equipping India's believers.

God is raising up ordinary men and women to serve as dynamic local leaders. They are carrying the Gospel's message of hope into remote jungle villages, impoverished rural communities, and urban slums.

Mission India provides these dedicated believers with essential training and materials to share the Gospel and plant churches.

This is done through our 3 core programs:

Mission India has 30+ years of experience.

We have over 30 years of experience partnering together with Indian believers. Our ministry partners represent the finest, most respected mission-minded groups throughout India.

Our Statement of Faith is based on solid, mainline Christian traditions.

Mission India believes in the importance of accountability to our supporters and our God as we work to fulfill our vision of "India Transformed by Christ."

Mission India is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and abides by its recommendations.

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